When a man spotted a tiny kitten all alone, he couldn’t leave it there so he decided a rescue mission was needed. He scooped up the little tabby into his arms and headed to his car.

As soon as they were both safely in the car the little kitten looked up at the man with a beautiful, happy expression on his face as if to say: “Thank you for saving me.”

It was a moment that would touch the heart of all that had seen it.

“My sister and brother-in-law rescued a kitten. Look at how happy he is!” Said Dilara, who posted the picture on social media.

They brought him home, where he discovered for the first time the softness of a carpet.

“He and my brother-in-law got along so well and have been inseparable ever since,” Dilara explained.

They named him Kaya, this little kitty was now very much part of their lives.

A few months down the line Kaya is all grown up and has blossomed into a beautiful tabby cat.

Just see how happy he is in his forever home with his loving family.

I’m sure that this loving family are going to have a wonderful life together.