He ARK Chiangmai got a call to help a dog got hit by a car but it’s not a dog. It’s a poor goat who suffered from a horrible wound on his back.

The ARK Chiangmai came up and shocked to see he’s dying alone. They started to give him basic treatment on the side of the road. His wound was terribly infected, rotten, and infested by hundreds of maggots.

He would have not survived another day without treatment. After just a day of treatment, he’s able to walk and eat. Thank you to The ARK Chiangmai team for giving him a second chance.

He’s now in his loving shelter where he continues his recovery. He has a foster dad who willing to take care of him. We didn’t know where he’s from but he’s now survived and safe.

We pray for him for a speedy recovery and to live a good life. Thank you to everyone for your kindness and support. Please send your prayer to him and share his story.