For a mother dog, neither physical pain nor the most severe bodily injury can compare to the anguish of having her children taken away from her forever.

This condition, which is understandable in human mothers, occurs far more frequently than we would like, including in female dogs. They also endure the agony of being separated from their puppies.

When a mother dog was separated from her puppies, she was paralyzed and in pain.

Why would an innocent animal’s life be played in such a cruel way? In dog rescue stories, we always ask ourselves this question.

It’s disturbing how some people don’t think of dogs as living, sentient beings, let alone dog mothers, who often love even more than human mothers.

On the street’s edge, defenseless, and about to take her last breath.

For days, this brave canine crawled as best she could with her babies, looking for a safe haven, hoping for a shred of mercy.

Rescuers at Rostov Animal Shelters in western Russia were alerted to a dog that was barely moving.

The most heartbreaking part is that many bystanders saw the mother and her cubs but did nothing to help her. Furthermore, people were taking their babies as if they were piata prizes, believing that the mother would die.

The desperate dog, unable to move due to a gunshot wound to her spine, did nothing but cry, hoping that they would not be so cruel and return her puppies. However, nothing worked!

She was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic, where she was given the second chance that she had long deserved.

They gave him pain relievers and antibiotics, but the bullet had severely damaged his spinal cord and mobility. Her little legs were “stiff as a tree branch,” according to the vets.

As if that wasn’t enough, she had mastitis and intestinal worms that were bothering her.

We can’t imagine the pain and stress Berry felt, not only from her injuries, but also from the way her children were taken from her. What kind of heart could do such a thing to a disabled mother?

The universe was really testing this mother and her heroes. But they would not give up, she had such a sweet, moving and sad look, that they promised her that they would love her to infinity and take her forward.

Berry’s health condition became critical, and she had to be taken to Moscow to be treated at another hospital. And just when they thought they’d have to say goodbye for good, a surgeon performed a miracle thanks to her love and everyone’s prayers.

They had to clean the pus and gangrene from her spine before putting her through chemotherapy.

Berry gradually regained his enthusiasm for life. And little by little, she moved forward on her healing path, which was quite long but full of hope.

Berry finally brought everyone in the shelter to tears when she was able to stand on her own despite the fact that her hind legs were completely paralyzed.

Berry escaped death and wrote her new story because of love.

After 150 days of intense care, Berry is a different person and even socializes with other dogs. Her rescuers plan to get her a customized wheelchair to make it easier for her to get around. But nothing and no one can stop her.

Check out the incredible journey of recovery for this brave little dog in the video below: