Sumatran orangutans like Berani are not known for being particularly involved in child-rearing. Yet after his mate Nias passed away last December, that’s exactly what he has done!

Nias was just 32 when she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest resulting from an undetected degenerative heart disease. Incredibly, after she passed away, her partner took over parenting Cerah, their 2-year-old baby.

“It’s incredible to see. It’s this giant male with this tiny, little baby. It’s one of those things where you have this terrible storm, and then, you have the rainbow at the end.” The zookeeper said with her admiration.

Berani became “Mr. Mom” which was an extremely rare situation. He was happy to raise his daughter

They prove that family where life begins and love never ends.

Here are some heartwarming comments about their love:

“He is doing a fantastic job. We couldn’t ask for better care for her.”

“It’s just heartwarming to be able to see something that can bring us all joy and something to look forward to.”

“Too cute. I love one of them on the ropes. He looks like a proud dad.”

“What a beautiful sight to see a loving father holding his precious daughter and being so good with her we need to praise him.”

“That is great. He could give some humans lessons.”

“It’s a father’s job to care and protect. That’s what this beautiful soul is doing. How amazing!”

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