Hasibul Wahab (A Wildlife photographer) catched an amazing action on camera, when a young boy named Belal saw a baby deer drawing in the river of Noakhali.

The young boy, who is believed to be in his early teens, saw in a raining day a baby deef struggling in the water. He didn’t let a minute passt by and jumped in the river to save the deer.

Brave Belal didn’t hesitate a moment, he hold with one hand the baby deer above the water, while he was swimming towards the land.

Belal was willing to risk his own life so he saves the helpless animal.

The photographer, who was there at perfect time captured the situation with images.

Unfortunately during the rainy season in Noakhali many deers lose their lives because of all the unexpected flooding. But many kind hearted locals try to do their best to save as many as they can.

The baby deer is now safe thanks to this courageous young boy!