Mosha is a unique elephant who made history by being the first elephant to be equipped with a functional and effective prosthetic limb.

She was just 7 months old when a landmine took her leg. Her spinal column, as well as her other three limbs, were put under a lot of strain as a result of this.

Mosha is a permanent resident at Thailand’s Friends of the Eastern Elephant Foundation (FAE), where she also received her replacement limb.

The group is concentrating on building molds that will fit elephants that are still growing.

When she does not have her leg, she can just do stuff like lean against a wall or rails to aid soothe some pressure.

She is also buddies with Motola, a native who resides at the FAE healthcare center and who, like Mosha, has a prosthetic limb. Motola was the second elephant to receive a prosthetic leg after Mosha.

Matola, on the other hand, is not as happy with her new leg as Mosha is. This is due to Matola’s developmental habits.

Take a look at the video below to see Mosha and her new leg in action: